Raising the Bar for Living Solutions


A strong vision and unfaltering commitment.


SocialCapitalPartners are a socially conscious development company focused on proactively making a positive impact beyond our bottom line. We have a clear sense of purpose which is to challenge the temporary homeless crisis in London and to implement and pioneer living solutions for the benefit of tenants in need in our communities.


Social Impact.

Effectively harnessing people, capital, processes and know-how to contribute to wider social development within London’s communities.



Community-focused in London.


Over 180,000 Londoners are currently homeless, with the figure growing daily. A confluence of events including rising private sector rents, a lack of supply from years of under-investment, the impact of ‘Right-to-Buy’ and a reduction in local authority budgets has created a perfect storm.


Socially conscious investment.


As socially conscious developers we share a common vision to provide innovative living solutions for homeless families in London.
We have acquired a number of sites to bring forward accommodation for circa 300 homeless families.