Harnessing people, capital, processes & know-how. 



Shane O’Neill and Chris Stephens of SocialCapitalPartners

Shane O’Neill and Chris Stephens formed SocialCapitalPartners with a shared vision to offer innovative change and support to an under-served segment of the social housing sector.

With over 40 years’ combined experience in residential development and finance the founding partners recognised the need to provide high quality living solutions to form a pragmatic response to changing circumstances.

We have a dedicated and hard working team willing to challenge the norm and implement change by simultaneously listening and providing the solutions required by our customers within the community.


Our Partners.

We work with London’s leading professionals in the investment, planning and built environment, who collectively believe in creating a social impact and addressing the difficult challenges of the temporary homeless in London.

Our team’s experience and heritage help us to innovate, learn and deliver on change. With their significant London Borough experience, it's our partners who take our solutions to scale and achieve the greatest impact.

Our approach is inclusive and adaptive to changing operating environments. We will innovate our living solutions to meet the defined needs of our customers.